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I Went On A Voyage To Smoke Weed With Stu Feiner & Joey Diaz

I've never smoked weed.

I got hair tested in High School then after that I just kinda decided I never needed it for a myriad of reasons and then it kind of just became a game to see how long I could hold out. 

Around 2016/2017 before I was full-time at Barstool I did a podcast with Social Media Danny where I threw out a complete Hail Mary where I said fuck it I'll do it if I can smoke for the first time with the legend himself Joey Diaz.

We talked about it a little bit in that Dog Walk above earlier in the year and of course the most generous man on the planet Stu Feiner offered to make a connection because he used to work with Joey in the 90's.

Stu and I had been in contact all year about a possible time to make it happen and it just so turned out that he'd be opening a slate of Joey's shows at Sony Hall this Fall/Winter so we settled on the date of December 28th where I'd fly out and hopefully make it happen.

And well…

I'll let you guys watch the video to see what happened, but I promise you you won't be disappointed because it is Stu in all his glory.

Thank you, Stu!