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Big Cat Blows Up Barstool Chicago On The Big Stage | Stool Scenes Chicago

Titling videos is such a funny exercise. You should check it out some time. So much thinking about algorithms and click thru rates and optimization. And on that front, I regret to inform you that Big Cat did not blow up Barstool Chicago. Not literally. Not figuratively. Not our bathroom. Nothing. 

But he did school us in trivia and sometimes that happens. Chunky, Hoffarber, Rasheed Wallace, Oakland Athletics, Milwaukee Brewers/Chicago Bulls. The list goes and we just fumbled it completely. Sucks because that's the last time you want to play your worst game. 

In other news, Big Cat went on Waddle & Silvy this week and dripped some huge news regarding a return to Chicago. Obviously that would be amazing. Let the countdown begin. 

Until then subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have a gentleman's agreement to get it above 50k before the next full moon or else Social Media Danny loses his job. Don't take the risk that I'm joking around. Go subscribe to our channel. 

For Danny.