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A Chiropractor Fixes White Sox Dave + Collabing with Lyrical Lemonade: Stool Scenes Chicago #15

Big week for Barstool Chicago with a chiropractor in the office to work his black magic on WSD and Chief. Apparently Dave's spinal structure had been subjected to alarming amounts of undue stress and pressure while brokering freight over the last decade. Such is the case when you carry the Echo global logistics produce department on your fucking back. His words not mine, but really not his words at all. 

Other cool developments include a collaboration (???) with Lyrical Lemonade, the Chicago dudes that are singlehandedly revolutionizing the Hip Hop and greater music world. Their office was incredible even if I got fuckin smoked on the hardwood. As I say repeatedly, they're the coolest guys I know. 

The best coach I know? Brad Underwood and it's not close. Still can't believe we got to go full access in the locker room after the IU game. 13 year old Barstool Carl died and went to heaven. 

Other stuff includes a great troll job from WSD, some decent product placement, more guitar lessons, a reasonable protest about showing my tits even though I showed my tits, and Sydnie Wells getting violently sick (allegedly) from WSD. Subscribe to our YouTube page to keep it coming. 

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