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Sydnie Wells Moves To Barstool Chicago | Stool Scenes Chicago 7

Welcome back to another edition of Stool Scenes Chicago. This is our 7th episode and it's absolutely loaded with behind the scenes stuff from the College Football show at Soldier Field to an in-depth Many Saints of Newark review from WSD to Sydnie Wells moving to Chicago and absolutely dominating us in her first Snake Draft appearance. 

Big White Sox game today that will largely dictate the next couple weeks of Barstool Chicago programming. Go follow WSD for the instant reactions and all that bullshit. 

Thanks to Producer Tom for chopping up all this behind the scenes footage. He deserves more credit especially this time of the year. Way too emotionally leverage with the New York Jets and there's nothing you can do about it. Like watching an uncle struggle with the bottle but it's actually just a shitty football team. That's Tom. He does great shit for Barstool Chicago and deserves more recognition. 

Subscribe to our YouTube page so he can keep his job. 

Thanks Tom!

Stool Scenes Chicago 7 Table Of Contents

  • Big Cat visits Chicago HQ
  • Barstool College Football show at Soldier Field
  • Bears watch party at Hollywood Aurora 
  • Eddie blowing nasty clouds
  • There's a Smoothie Movement
  • Sydnie Wells makes the move to Chicago
  • WSD's Natural Death Power Rankings
  • Many Saints Of Newark Review
  • Ozzie Guillen Office Visit
  • Social Media Danny's job in jeopardy
  • Red Ed makes it into Forbes
  • White Sox Summit with Section 108 & Ken.W.o. 
  • NYC Live Stream Reactions