Barstool Chicago Stool Scenes Is LIVE!!!

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I know what you're thinking: "woah, WSD is basically Tony Hawk on a skateboard!!! Damn!!! 90 MPH heater? Marathon runner? 9-9-9 extraordinaire? What sorta athletic achievement CAN'T that guy do?" 

Fair question. Off the top of my head, nothing. 

Also of note, Portnoy swung through town with Paddy and Molly to take in Elton John. I didn't go because I had other things planned and thought there was only one ticket available. Why people care about what I do with my free time is beyond me. Nevertheless, Paddy and Molly are genuinely two of the funniest people I've ever met and I didn't even sit in a Soldier Field suite with them to get their full experience. 

Maybe next year. 

Carl also swung through the Field of Dreams and Chief went golfing with Coach Q and others. Ton of shit on those two trips coming up on Red Line Radio in the coming weeks while we are staring down the barrel of football season.

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