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Nick's Wild Featuring Zah Was An All-Time Yak

We were off last week for the holiday and Zah was traveling the prior week with the Barstool Classic, so it had been a bit since Nick's Wild had hit. This version DID NOT disappoint.

It started out with a random guy bringing us slurpees on 7-eleven day (we taped this on Monday) and telling us his 7th grade football coach told him he'd "pretty much" jerk off to his distant relative, Sofia Vergara.

Then Nick's Wild began to unfold and Nick brought back a classic. For any old Yak heads, they remember the mysterious candy chewing guessing game that took place when we regularly took calls.

Well little did we know we were in the presence of the GOAT. Zah was INCREDIBLE at this game and was a joy to watch play.

We also learned Zah was a charades master. The fact that he didn't know what all of these animals were makes it all the more impressive.

Then we got to the Rube Goldberg level. Zah was traveling during the day we explored these so we had to show him what a Rube Goldberg even was to start. He then showed off what multiple degrees can do as he constructed an incredible Rube Goldberg. With the help of Big Cat, Kate, & KB, it all started to come together. But would it actually work?





An INCREDIBLE moment that will live in Yak lure forever. Get your shirt to commemorate it here:

Also, it was always destined to be Joe Cool catching the yellow peanut m&m just like the prophecy foretold:

And be sure to watch the full unforgettable episode below and subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel while you're at it!