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Recapping Barstool Idol Night Three

We were down to six candidates going into the night session and they went through the Barstool gauntlet today. They filmed The Dozen which we aired on regular afternoon Yak, Lowering the Bar, Out & About, Friday Night Pints, a Mets Stream with Frank the Tank, and a Whine Walk with PFT. A few contestants started to rise in the ranks and tears were shed.

We also finally had contestants starting to throw each other under the bus.

We tried to get the contestants off their game.

And maybe it worked for some.

But others really rose to the occasion.

We introduced a twist that the hosts of those shows/videos would be sending the next person home. Some judges were easier than others.

It was a cumulative vote and we sent Marcy home. Only 18 years old, she's got a bright future.

The guest judges scores were as follows:

But we still needed to cut one more. Fortunately, the good guys of New York City will be able to rest a little easier knowing their broads won't be stolen by the Big Man on Campus. Jeff Nadu was sent packing after a panel vote:

And the last four contestants in the competition that will advance to the final day:

They will compete tomorrow in a Barstool Yak Draft. The letters will be E-G-G and Chef Donny will be making omelettes for the boys. 

Subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel and tune in tomorrow at 1pm eastern for the Draft. We'll also be back with the Barstool Idol finale Thursday night at 7pm eastern on the Barstool Sports main YouTube channel. Get caught up on all of Night 3 here: