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Recapping Barstool Idol Night Two

The remaining nine Barstool Idol contestants had a packed day. They started the day with a 6:30am call-time for Yak Basketball, had a five minute video to shoot and edit with their team, and had to write a blog by 5pm. We aired the basketball game on The Yak and there were highlights abound, most of which were courtesy of the last place finisher of the event, the Big Man on Campus, Jeff Nadu.

His shot was so preposterous it had big time basketball minds in a pretzel.

Blogging is a core value of Barstool Sports that some of them were unfamiliar with as video content creators. The results varied, but some contestants certainly stood out from the rest. One was Jeff Nadu's blog, a love note to our lovely security guard, Ebony, which he was graceful enough to read some excerpts from tonight.

Also, some sage advice: If you're interviewing at a company, you should know the people's names. Do some research one time!

Now the video portion of the night was the headliner as the three teams of three had a five minute video they worked on all day to present. Some of our favorite moments:

The twist was that the winning team ended up all being safe. This was a really well done job by Dani and her team executing a man on the street style video while accentuating all team member's talents.

We then said we would be sending home half the remaining competitors that didn't win that competition. It was a close vote, but Wyatt, Chris (and his heckler), and Ali all went home tonight. 

They've got a busy day going through a lot of the Barstool car wash doing The Dozen, Lowering the Bar, Out & About, Friday Night Pints, a live stream with Frank the Tank, and an interview with PFT tomorrow. We'll narrow the field from six down to four. Who will make it to the final day (Thursday)? Who are your favorites so far? Sound off in the comments and let us know!

And be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel, where we'll air The Dozen match in it's entirety live on The Yak at 1pm eastern. Get caught up on all of Night 2's action here: