The B.L.T. Draft And New O'Dayniac Rankings. It's The Yak

We had our longest show ever today clocking in over 136 minutes, but it was jam packed. We teased the B.L.T. Draft the past few days and set the ground rules:

KB wrote a new creed to celebrate the occassion:

The ingredients were wide ranging to say the least. Anything from cat food to lobster

The sandwiches turned out as you'd imagine:

We also were gifted with another O'DayniYAK as Tyler O'Day revealed his updated O'Dayniac power rankings. We saw a HUGE fall from #1 by the Cheapies

Who is the new #1 and who won the B.L.T. lunch draft? Tune in to find out and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel for exclusive content and daily best ofs.