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Prince Amukamara’s Only Regret From the 2012 Super Bowl Was Not Asking Katy Perry For A Date

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out the last episode of 3MT with Seattle Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs.

This week I sat down with former Giants, Jaguars, and Bears corner and Super Bowl winner Prince Amukamara. Prince (who is in actuality a real African prince) spoke on a lot of interesting subjects, including the strangest draft question he ever faced coming out of Nebraska, his first girlfriend (who turned out to be his wife), how he has regrets that his Super Bowl win did not end in a date with Katy Perry (after her Left Shark performance), and what it’s like to be on Hot Ones. And, as it turns out, he’s also a huge Glee fan. It was a very fun interview.  

As always, I put Prince through the Rapid Fire Questions gauntlet (sponsored by Bussin’ With the Boys), where he answered what rule he’d change in the NFL, the hardest he ever hit anyone on the football field, and his favorite bachelor and bachelorette ever. 

Last week, Prince was on Bussin’ with the Boys and had lots to say about how he manages his finances, what it’s like to be royalty, and the fight club he and Will had at Nebraska. For the full episode, link is below. Well worth a watch.