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3MT with Nate Robinson: What Kind of Supervillain is James Dolan?

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out the last episode of 3MT with Chiefs Super Bowl winning Wide Receiver Tyreek Hill.

On this week’s 3MT, three time NBA All Star Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson details life in the NBA, his thoughts on the Knicks new hire, and the worst place to play in the NBA. Nate is an honest and funny guy and didn’t hold back in his opinion on Tom Thibodeau, NY Knicks owner James Dolan, or his former teammate Kendrick Perkins and his transition into “media guy”. 

You know we also had to put Nate through the Rapid Fire Questions gauntlet, where I asked him to Start/Bench/Cut his favorite movies and tell us the worst place to be a road team in the NBA. 

Not everything made the cut, so check out below for a bit more of my conversation with Nate. 

TK: What's the best road city for food?

Nate: I'll have to go with Chicago.

TK: Not Atlanta and Magic City Wings?

Nate: I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been to Atlanta and Magic City and the wings. Their wings are pretty good, and their strips are bomb, and the entertainment is awesome. It's so cool because so many cool people go there. And then they have the best food. It's a win-win. Trust me.

TK: You and [Kendrick Perkins] played together. He's become a hot take machine. What's going on with him?

NATE: He's becoming a media guy. The media always tries to make [players] be a good guy or a villain. Either or. You can't play both positions. Are you a player, one of us, or are you a media guy now? Which one is it?

TK: He feels like that guy who spilling all the tea even if it isn't all true.

NATE: He's going to wake up some giants he doesn't want to wake up. He has to deal with that shit. No one else. 

TK: There's a ton of talent from Seattle. Why do you think Seattle is constantly overlooked, underrated, for guys coming into the NBA?

NATE: I don't know the reason why we're overlooked and underrated. I love it. Keep sleepin' on us because we're going to keep on producing. There's six of us from my high school alone. Shout out to Rainier Beach High School. I think a lot of guys get out of Seattle because we have the blueprint of how to do it. We give the knowledge of how to make it. When Doug Christie made it? He came back and showed Jamal [Crawford] how to do it. When Jamal made it, he came back and showed me how to do it. When I made it, I went back and showed Terrence [Williams] how to do it. Terrence showed Dejounte Murray, Murray showed Kevin Porter Jr. We continue that over the years, we'll see more and more young cats coming out of Seattle, and [we’ll keep] putting Seattle on the map. 

Nate Robinson is scheduled to fight Jake Paul on the undercard of the Mike Tyson v Roy Jones Jr. PPV on November 28, 2020. Look for another 3MT with his thoughts on this fight in the days leading up to this bout!