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Tyreek Hill Details Why Andy Reid And The Chiefs Are Running WILD On the NFL

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I got a chance to sit down with Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill. You may know him as the fastest man in the NFL who went off for 9 receptions and 105 yards in their Super Bowl victory, but he’s a fascinating dude with a lot of interests. During our interview, which was delightfully interrupted by his children (“dad, you dropped a pass yesterday in practice” LOL), Tyreek spoke on his passion for American Muscle cars, why he changed his Twitter handle, and especially his love for Coach Reid and his Chiefs teammates. With the kids stealing the show, this is a fun look behind a man who is ON THE GRIND 24/7 (1% body fat LOL). 

Tyreek spoke candidly about why he KNEW the Chiefs were the right home for him during the draft process. “I felt in my heart I was going to be drafted by the Chiefs,” he told me. “Every other place I visited the energy level wasn’t there. I went to the Raiders. I went to the Bengals. I went to the Jaguars.” 

This connection was made even before he was drafted by the Chiefs. Reid is the perfect coach for him, and Tyreek expanded on this in our conversation when he said:

“When I met with Coach Reid, he understood me, he understood my situation, what I had been through, and it was just a heart to heart. He said ‘you know what? Your parents will never have to worry about you. Because when you’re here, I’m going to treat you just like you’re my nephew. Every time I score, you can just see it in Andy’s eyes, he’s like I told you... All the things you’ve been through, and we’re here. THAT’S MY GUY!” 

It’s not a surprise that Tyreek balls out for his coach, and his teammates. It’s a winning climate that all starts with Coach Reid.

Of course, not everything in my conversation with Tyreek made the final vid. Some of the highlights of what got left on the cutting room floor are below in text form.

TK: What are the origins of the name Soul Runner, your clothing brand? 

When I'm playing football, I have a Soul Runner mentality. Every time I step on the field I have a Soul Runner mentality. When I step off the field? It's still a Soul Runner mentality. Because I'm holding myself accountable, I'm being a hard worker, and I'm doing the right thing off the field. That's kind of where it came from. Me and some friends, our crew name, Soul Runner. It was four of us, and I took it and ran with it. 

TK: Kind of like love for whatever you’re doing? Do it in your soul?

Yes, Yes!! There you go! I'm a big food guy, I love food, and I was thinking if the Soul Runner clothing thing pops off the right way, I may open a Soul Runner restaurant making soul food.

TK: I was listening to a press conference the other day where you said, I've never been part of a winning team in my life.

Yes. I was never part of a winning team [before the Chiefs]. My high school team would make it to the playoffs, but we'd get put out in the first or second round. My college team? We'd make it a bowl game, but what is a bowl game? ... But when I got to the Chiefs, Coach Reid really taught me how to be a part of a winning culture. Whenever I want to become a coach ,I can install that same vision to my kids. 

TK: That's your after NFL plan, to coach up kids?

Believe it or not, I'm already coaching up kids at North High School. I'm the wide receiver coach. Right after Chief's practice, that's where I'll be at on Friday nights.

TK: What's the difference between a winning culture and a mediocre culture?

The players definitely have to bond with each other. If the bond isn't there, then obviously, there's nothing to start with. I can only speak for my team, but on our offense? There are no egos. Every guy wants to be great and every guy wants to win. Granted, guys still want their targets, but there are ways to get targets, there are ways to get the ball. You just got to put in the work. If you notice? I was a 5th round draft pick. I put in the work. I showed Coach Reid every game, every single practice, you can count on me. I had to put in the work in order to get the ball and to get me to where I am now. [Travis] Kelce knows -- some plays he has to be a decoy for me, some plays he has to be a decoy for Sammy, some plays he has to be a decoy for Mecole. And the same thing for me. I ain't going to get the ball every play. Sometimes I have to be a decoy for my teammates. We understand that. We get to play football and have fun. Come on, who wouldn't love their job [when you win]?"

Yeah, there’s a reason the Chiefs offense is unstoppable.

Check out the video for Tyreek’s expanded thoughts on Andy Reid and watch the Lightning Round, where he lists his dream NFL 4x100 relay team and talks about his favorite slow song for getting it on. 

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