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Remember Deflategate? Jay Glazer Tells The Story Of How He Stopped Mid Thrust To Break This News

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out last week’s episode with absolute stud linebacker and all around good dude Jayon Brown:

This week, I had the King of Scoops himself in -- Fox’s NFL insider Jay Glazer, to promote his new Unbreakable line with GNC,  and holy shit did he ever take the lid off the scoop business. 

To be the best at scoopin’ requires sacrifice. BIG sacrifices, as it turns out. How big?

Remember Deflategate? Pretty much the biggest story in the last ten years in the NFL, which Glazer was ALL over. In fact, he’s so dedicated to the game that it even … interrupted … yeah the scoops come when they come. 

And you know what? It’s not the first (and won’t be the last) time he’s going to let scooping get in the way of a night of loving. Whether its a hot date or actual, you know, SEX -- nothing stands in the way of breaking news.

Budding reporters, take notes. The grind never stops.

Glazer talked about a lot of other things, including how Barstool stole the name Unnecessary Roughness from his first football TV show (Brandon Walker is on notice), how Big Ben got PISSED when Glazer busted his balls for being a lazy fuck, and how Stuart Scott was the MAN even when fighting terminal cancer. Of course we put him through the Rapid Fire gauntlet, where he gave his opinion on whether Tebow was REALLY a virgin, what’s it like to be in GQ, and whether Lamar and Odell are a match made in poop heaven. 

Thanks to Jay and GNC, I had a blast and can’t wait to get back with him in the near future.

And thanks to everyone for following 3MT in 2020! Had a great year and I’m really looking forward to 2021.