3MT: Lance Briggs Once Hit Kyle Rudolph So Hard He Forgot What Month It Was

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out the last episode of 3MT with 1995 Heisman Trophy winner and current thespian Eddie George.

This week I sat down with Minnesota Vikings All Pro Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph will be no stranger to long time Stoolies due to his long time association with Barstool. Kyle was especially open on a wide variety of topics, including whether Moeller High School (shout out Mike Welker) is a bigger rivalry than the Packers to whether the Wunderlick actually matters to whether he has ever peed in his uniform during a game.

As always, we put Kyle through the Rapid Fire Questions gauntlet (sponsored by Bussin’ With the Boys), where he revealed that Lance Briggs hit him harder than anyone in his football history and who he would MFK: Graeters, Skyline, or Larosa’s Pizza. Kyle has a long history here at the Stool, including a stint on the Casting Couch, a very underrated Barstool video at his charity golf tournament, And of course, a Pizza Review, so it’s always fun to sit down with a good dude like this who just gets it. 

The Boys got a chance to dig in deeper into Kyle’s background, so check out a full interview on the Bussin’ With the Boys podcast, linked below.