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3MT: Country Star Ryan Hurd on Harbaugh Getting Fired, Whether He Could Write Rap, and Bad Lyrics

Welcome to the 3 Minute Tryst, a 3-minute conversation series exploring sports, music, business and culture in a fun, playful and light atmosphere. Check out the last episode of 3MT with Titans first round draft pick Isaiah Wilson.

In this week’s 3MT, emerging country music star Ryan Hurd gives details on how difficult it would be to write rap songs, whether country could ever put out a song like WAP, and his thoughts on Ryan Day saying he’d drop 100 on his beloved Michigan Wolverines. It’s a fascinating look at an unapologetically authentic artist and human who came up through the country music system in a different way, starting as a songwriter and building his career writing hits for people like Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw before embarking on a solo career. He’s also one of Taylor Swift’s favorite artists, NBD, KBD. 

You know we also had to put Ryan through the Rapid Fire Questions gauntlet, sponsored by the Bussin' With the Boys podcast. Check out the full interview with Will and Taylor below, where he expands on his songwriting, his marriage to superstar Maren Morris, and the joys and tribulations of being a new father.