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PENGUIN WATCH UPDATE: We're Doing Laps Around The Dolphin Tank

This is blog # 7 in a series that literally refuses to take a week off in quarantine. Folks we're talking PENGUIN WATCH

And we're back again mostly because I want to be back again and I Love a penguin watch. But also because Wellington might be the best 3-hitter in crested penguin captivity history. Look at this little asshole dominate his laps around the dolphin tank at the Shedd. Balling out on his own while everyone stays home and plays with themselves. Boys night out kinda stuff at the Shedd and not to be a huge pussy or anything but I'm actually kind of jealous no one invited me. 

You have to imagine it's going to be some serious psychological warfare when quarantine ends and all these people show back up. The penguins are going to be so rattled and pissed that they can't eat in the food court and run relay races at recess anymore. It's going to be a sad day in Chicago but also a great one because the second we lock these penguins back up, the sooner we get to go to Declans and black out and lose most of our disposable income gambling on the ____ (literally pick any sport). I know reading all that back sounds fucked up but that's the good life and I'm starting to get a little rattled the penguins are living it and we're not.