PENGUIN WATCH UPDATE: The Penguins Have Officially Taken Over The Shedd Aquarium

I was honestly just sitting here thinking I could use a good boat watch when I found out the penguins were still strutting their entitled asses around the Shedd. I blogged it earlier during lunch thinking it was just some cute little gimmick to pump social engagement or whatever but turns out these fuckers are still on loose. 

So at this point I'm exercising my unilateral executive powers as the author of this blog to pivot into a full on Penguin Watch. By the end of this quarantine I'm gonna know so much about these Penguins you're gonna be sick to your goddamn stomach. You'll honestly wish you had COVID-19 when you're done with my Penguin content. I'm not sure exactly what that means and I don't want to be insensitive, but it's important I stress this point: I absolutely love these penguins. 

And here's another question. Why are the Penguins at the Aquarium and not the Zoo? Or are that at both? I feel like that would be fucked up if you were a penguin and you were at risk of being in a zoo AND an aquarium. That's double jeopardy for animals in the wildlife and generally unfair. So then I'm curious about animals that would play in both types of facilities. Do the Zoo and Aquarium people meet annually to draft animals? Obviously the classics are off the table. No one is saying put the shark tank in the monkey hall. I'm just saying if you have a crocodile, where does that crocodile go? What about turtles? Otters and beavers probably have a preference no one's accounted for, and I'm sure there are others. 

If we compare the two, I would argue that it's pretty obvious the aquarium is the place to be with respect to being an animal in captivity. I know Sea World gives everyone a bad name but generally speaking I think aquatic animals get the most love and attention. Or maybe it's just me naturally gravitating to the air conditioning and centrally located food court that makes me think that. 

On the other hand Zoos are just hot and smelly and never big enough for the animals they're holding and just a bunch of bad legs in tight blue jean shorts. The lions are malnourished. The monkeys are planning a revolt. Your ice cream is melting. Etc. 

If I'm wrong, tell me. Personally I'm just really pumped we have something to follow and it's these goddamn penguins. 

Next order of business is a 24-hour camera and more streamlined coverage. Fortunately my people are working on it.