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I Choked

Big Cat's coffee brand, Stella Blue Coffee, released a NEW Yak endorsed Buttercookie flavor today for the winter season

To celebrate, we ran a promo for every $1,000 of coffee sold during The Yak today we'd all get half court shots for $500 each. But the twist at the end, is that Big Cat would get a half court shot to get all that money back for the chat. 

It went well, but then the extra twist was that for the booth, I was chosen as the representative to shoot 10 free throws. For every free throw, myself, Zah, and TJ would all get $100. I consider myself a good shooter, but after today, I don't think that can be said. What you are about to witness below is one of the worst performances in human history. I make Shaq look like Steph Curry.

But it all worked out in the end, as Big Cat got a shot to win all the money back for the chat and he had ice water in his veins.

So alls well that ends well. All that is damaged today is my ego. Check out today's full Yak here: