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The First Game Of Yak Basketball In The New Office Went Exactly As We'd Hoped

The new office was unveiled today and it is spectacular. A literal fantasy factory.

With a court like that - I had to break it in with some wind sprints.

And after that, we needed a game of Yak basketball. A game where you have to shoot on the opposite hoop after any miss. You don't have to dribble, no traveling rules. The only catch is - we all kind of stink. Except for Titus - but we made him play with two hockey gloves on his hands.

Once you make a basket, you're out. Last man standing is technically the winner, but the ultimate loser. Today's contest came down to Titus and Brandon. A duel of Mostly Sports co-hosts. Seeing as they were the last two, Brandon had done a lot of running up and down the floor, which is not a strength of his.

The final numbers weren't pretty.

But the game was a blast! Come watch us play at the Barstool Invitational on Wednesday night in Chicago. Get your tickets here.

And check out today's full Yak.


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