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Dressing Up For Halloween Is Cool For All Ages

In a society where it is often deemed uncool to care about things, I choose to care about a lot of things. The main thing I choose not to care about it, is what other people say.

Today is Halloween, one of the funnest days of the year for those that partake. And I specify for those that partake because it isn't for everybody. As a kid, it's the best to dress up and go house to house, trick or treating for candy that'll let you gorge for days. As a teen, it can be seen as uncool to go around. You wait til it's night time and see what houses have leftovers. Not wanting to be seen by your peers for the shame of Halloween has begun! In college, it's fun again but has taken on a more sexual feel with everyone trying go hook up instead of eating Snickers. Post college that continues for a few years until you reach a point of saturation. Timid on ponying up $75 for a decent costume once a year and choosing once again to revolt. But they that life is a circle and it's true with Halloween as all the fun of your youth comes back tenfold once you have kids. You see the ones you adore dress up, fill with hope and glee as they need no currency for unlimited treats. 

But in a work environment, you get people on different parts of the course I outlined above. So I'd like to specifically applaud Yak newbies Mark Titus and Connor Mook on showing some real Halloween spirit today with their outfits. Mark with the Cat from Dr. Suess' Cat In The Hat:

And Mook with his rendition of the Cream Pie God:

So good for them, but better for you. Because if you're reading this and didn't see today's show I've got a treat for you: