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It Is Not Cool To Beat Off At Your Buddy's House

The topic came up on today's Yak, is it ok to beat off at your buddy's place? We got a wide range of responses.

It was a fairly split room though. We put out a poll on twitter and have a winner, but it was close to a split house:

52.4% of people say that it's not cool and I agree. If you're staying at a friend's house for a weekend or less, it's an absolute no go. My thinking is that is there is a chance that the host will not wash the sheets, it's 100% not acceptable. In the shower, no fucking way. That's disgusting. Typically if I'm showering at a friend's, it's after basketball or before going out. So we're going in one after the other. *This is pre-house days when it's apartment living, one shower in the joint.

So you're telling me you're rubbing one out in there? With the guy whose place it is being on deck getting in right after you? NO WAY is that acceptable. And if you think so, you are not permitted to shower at my place.

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