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The Cast Of Surviving Barstool Has Been Announced And It Is Intimidating

The cat is out of the bag. They announced the cast of Surviving Barstool Season 3 on Barstool Radio today and it is full of heavy hitters.

The reality GOAT, Tommy Smokes has come out of retirement.

And the prize has been upped significantly. When I agreed to this, and Feitelberg says so too, it was for $25k. $100k is wild!

I'm excited as Surviving Barstool was probably my favorite project I've ever worked on at Barstool, but it's certainly an intimidating cast.

How will it play out? Will people team up and try and vote Tommy out first? Does anyone have the stones to vote Dave off? PMT has a group in there. KFC Radio has a group in there. Will Compton, Rico, myself, Kirk Minihane are kind of floaters. Can Gaz stir up a bunch of shit and get people to turn on each other? It should be an interesting show and I can't wait to get started. 

We discuss some potential strategy and more here on today's Yak: