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Timothée Chalamet Drained A Jumper In A Barstool Employee's Face

Cael Schwartz is a nice guy. I am involved with Stella Blue and he is one of the main people that works on the 3rd floor that has a hand in it. He works upstairs and I've never really thought about him hooping until I came across this video on my timeline today.

Tough look to say the least. 


In Cael's defense, it was a moving screen, but playing basketball in salmon shorts was the real mistake here. TC probably called for the ball and originally asked for a clear out. The guy setting the moving screen probably was hard of hearing in one ear and didn't get the call. 

Also, is that a v-neck black t? Was Cael just eating oyster's at a bar and got asked to be the 6th guy in a game of 3-on-3 with two big celebs (Adam Sandler was there too). 

Whenever you work at Barstool, whatever you do, you inevitably get thrown into the content wash at some point. Timothée Chalamet taking the coffee marketing guy for a ride on the J train wasn't on my bingo card, but here we are. The real question is: how do we move forward from here?

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