Did Hank Buy A Mom Car?

We ran long on The Yak today and were joined briefly by Case Race IV guest of honor, Hank who was back in town for the a few days. In his move to Chicago, it was revealed he sold his current vehicle for $2 to a member of Pardon My Take. Pretty good considering he bought it for $1 from Big Cat a few years back! But now our friend, Henry would need a new car and it turns out he recently got one. A 2020 Audi Q3! 

Pretty sweet ride, but when we looked up what it looked like, Sas was unhinged in his response.

Upon realizing what he had said, he attempted to backpedal, but nobody was there to help him out of the hole he had dug himself. Just a hilarious conversation that was just a few minutes of a nearly three hour show. Check out the full thing here: