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The Yak Goes Rollerskating

A few weeks ago on the prep sheet, I hypothesized that Brandon Walker looked like a guy who used to be really good at rollerskating. He somewhat confirmed, but hadn't done it in some time. Minutes later, Big Cat placed an order for roller skates. Today, they were placed on his desk.

It took a bit to get the rust off.


When asked to do a lap around the office, it wasn't exactly smooth.

We then figured it'd be fun if a bunch of us did it to see who could do it the fastest.

And little did we know, even though Max and PFT are the ones with the soul patches, Big Cat was the one on his Apolo Aton Ohno shit. That man can skate!

We also had Klemmer do a lap and Brandon had a surprise for him!

Catch the full Yak here: