Dave Squares Off Against Sas In A Barstool Radio-esque Yak

Dave was made his return to the office and the stage was set after Lil Sasquatch was pretty adamant that he didn’t think Dave could sell out Madison Square Garden.

Dave had a lunch meeting and came in later, but Comedian Bert Kreischer stopped by early and weighed in on the question.


The drama has been building for a few days and when Dave came on, it had a Barstool Radio type vibe.

But credit to Sas for standing up for himself. I thought he did a great job today. Dave confirmed there was no beef. He just thinks Sas doesn’t fully grasp Barstool’s impact. Soon enough, Dave was onto bigger (physically) fish.

In the end, it was a fun show that had an old school Barstool feel.

Check out the full episode here: