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The Jenks Report Delivered

Today a guy who has become a friend of the program, a man known by Jenks came by the show to deliver his report after going on dates with a majority of us.

It all started when I answered a DM from a Stoolie offering to take me to a Knicks game and sit 2nd row. What type of real fan wouldn't say yes to an offer like that?! It was a delightful evening seeing my favorite basketball team up close and personal with a genuinely nice, normal dude.


However, the next day I was out and Big Cat decided to have Jenks call into The Yak to review how I was on a date.

Once others saw he was a normal dude and I had vetted him essentially, they became interested in the lure of courtside seats. Jenks had a mission to infiltrate Barstool Sports and he did it in the form of tickets so good you couldn't say no.


His hit list was so impressive we needed him to rank all of us as dates. And yesterday he delivered in a big way.

Some interesting findings include: Brandon being unable to do relatively simple math:

Frank the Tank never turning it off or being intimidated by celebrities:

Stu being an absolute zombie at 3am:

At the end of it all, we did a wheel to see who would get the honor/punishment of going in a wet wheel shower with Jenks. Fortunately for me, the trio of Big Cat, Nick and myself won! Unfortunately, Big Cat and Nick used their votes on me which I probably should've seen coming. So I had to shower (clothes on) with my pal Jenks.


Cath the full Yak here: