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Lil Sas Doesn't Think Dave Can Sell Out Madison Square Garden

The question of if Dave Portnoy could indeed sell out Madison Square Garden came up on today's Yak and there were people on both sides of the fence. Madison Square Garden's max capacity is 20,789, but that's for a 360 event like Basketball, Hockey, or Boxing. With things that aren't 360 like concerts or comedy shows, the maximum seating goes down to likely somewhere around 15,000.

Sas did not believe it was possible for Dave or anybody to really sell out such a venue outside the creme de la creme of comics. Only nine have done it so far. A list that includes:

- Eddie Murphy

- George Carlin

- Andrew Dice Clay

- Chris Rock

- Russell Peters

- Dane Cook

- Kevin Hart

- Louis CK

- Aziz Ansari

Sas is a fast rising stand up comedian. He travels and headlines shows. Those are his people. I can understand why he would think Dave wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't say I agree. Dave's one night only evening of hate where he just roasts EVERYONE would sell out the World's Most Famous Arena IN MINUTES. 

His follower count is actually nuts: Dave's got 2.9M on twitter 4.4M on instagram and 2.9M on TikTok. Obviously there is a ton of overlap, but safe to say, Dave's got millions of people that subscribe and support him actively. Especially with such a northeast brand like Barstool, those tickets would go QUICK. 

Big Cat decided to call Dave mid-show to get his opinion on the matter.

That didn't go great for Sas, but it's a good thing Dave doesn't hold grudges.

Dave may be stopping by The Yak this week so that should be fun! Check out today's full Yak which was a good one!