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Lil Sas Addresses The Beef Between Him And Pat Bev

There has been a beef that's been building for the past few months between two of Rone's podcast co-hosts on different shows. His newest co-host, Patrick Beverley noticed Sas back in November on Rone's timeline and described him with skinny wrists and a dull face but said he was funny.

It was never really addressed in the moment, but both Pat and Sas share a love for gaming. Especially Call of Duty. But when Pat Bev asked if Sas wanted to squad up, Sas declined saying he had a steady crew he rocked with and was not looking for any new members. That didn't sit well with Pat who heard Sas was gaming and wanted to confront him via FaceTime on Wednesday.

Sas isn't the most confrontational guy so I'm not surprised it didn't blow up in the moment. He was also protecting us while we sleep so we could all enjoy the freedom we're so used to.

But when asked about it directly amongst friends, Sas talked about it and didn't waiver on his reasons for not wanting to team up with Rone's other co-host.

It definitely puts Rone in a tough spot, but I don't blame Lil Sas as it seems his squad is very professional and tight. It could be seen as a slight if he's off playing with new guys and maybe he's the first to go if things get heated. But I also understand Pat Bev wanting to get more integrated into the Barstool world and make another connection he has at least two things in common with. Who do you side with?

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