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I Guess I Did Go On A Blind Date With A Complete Stranger Last Night

Listen, I'm a simple man. I like the my family, the NFL, and the NBA. That's really it. I had Knicks season tickets for 10 years and saw plenty of games from section 201. It's great every time. But if a Stoolie gets into my DMs and says he'd love to take me to a Knicks game 2nd row, of course I'm going to listen! 

And my new friend, Jenks, did just that. The Yak cast clowned me yesterday for going on a blind date, but I just saw it as going to a Knicks game! Nothing more, nothing less. 

I was taping The Bracket yesterday, so Jenks swung by the office at 5pm. He's a Stoolie, so just wanted to see where the magic happened. Of course I was happy to oblige and give him a quick looksee! We then went across the street for a drink and some dinner. We had a nice conversation and some good laughs. The game was at 7:30pm and I'd never sat that close before, so was hoping to get in early and see some guys shoot around. I had every intention of paying, but Jenks picked up the tab! What a guy!

We headed over to MSG and the seats were great! Two rows up off the floor on the baseline. Got to see some of my favorite players getting up shots pre-game.

The game was great and we even hit our Boots on the Ground Parlay we gave out exclusively on The Yak.

The Knicks ended up winning in a tightly contested game and it was a great night all around! I said goodbye to Jenks shortly thereafter to catch a train, but it was a lot of fun.

However, today on The Yak, much to my surprise, they had Jenks on to review the evening. He had nice things to say for the most part, but did share this little anecdote from the dinner.

From my perspective, it was a little weird how this person I just met from Twitter was talking about potentially kidnapping me. Jenks is 33 years old, about 5'10"ish, muscular build. But I told him straight to his face I wasn't worried about being kidnapped because I could take him. Now maybe that was wildly naive and dumb of me, but I'm 6'3" 190 lbs. and wasn't going anywhere without a fight. Luckily it never came close to that and we had a fun evening. Would do it again! Four stars!

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