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The Wheel Has Chosen This Man To Get A Job At Barstool

Big Cat had told us he'd given advice to this young man recently and he'd been grinding on the college basketball circuit. He'd been going to a bunch of mid-major games, getting right behind the bench, and cheering on his bets in person with a passion that was uniquely intense and authentic.

He was in NYC posted up outside our office, so Big Cat decided to give him a shot. We brought him up to The Yak and spoke to him for about five minutes and he made his case to work here. We were going to part ways at that point, but Big Cat decided to give him a shot on The Wheel. 8 slices of keep grinding, 1 slice of give up the dream, 1 slice of you're hired, and 1 slice of wet, because of course. 

The Wheel is just.

While we can't firmly make a hiring decision, Big Cat did alert Dave of this guy and we'll be watching him closely over the next few days. The ball is in your court Coleman. Hopefully you've got a sharp shot.

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