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The 10 Ton Man - I Just Lifted 20,000 lbs.

The Wheel chose 10X Fitness on Big Cat's wheel and the punishment was given to Kate. She's have to live 10x the combined weight of The Yak. After some back of the napkin math, that came out to 20,000 lbs.

In an absolute fleecing, I sent a future unprotected punishment to Kate for the task. 

I was looking to get a pump in today anyway. What could go wrong?

I got off to a great start, but the benching started to catch up with me after 4-5 sets.

On the plus side, I was turning back the clocks to 2004 with these titties.

As the session closed out, Big Cat threw in a little wrinkle I did not see coming.

Hopefully this does not result in my 2nd pink eye of in the last six months.

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