We Had A Classic Wet Wheel Show On Friday And It Was Magnificent

We had a fun show Friday. Francis subbed in and discussed how his most recent faux pas and Sas gave a very reasonable explanation for missing yesterday's show with Oz the Mentalist.

But just as Big Cat and Rone had to catch a jet to Rough N Rowdy, we did the wheel. And the wheel DOES NOT like to feel like an afterthought. We got a name wheel, which again happened to land on TJ. With only four options left, it landed on classic wet wheel. Meaning everyone would get wet except one person.


Big Cat & Rone were good sports about it and got wet on their way out.

We also had wet KB make reappear.

Check out the full Yak to see everybody (except one of us) get soaked and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.