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Smuggling 101 From The Yak

Smuggling things is somewhat of a lost art, at least in most of our ages. Outside of Sas, we're all a bit too old to smuggle something in somewhere. If it's a cost thing, just ask Brandon Walker to get it for us with that monster number he's toting around. On today's show, Kate told us how she the army guys used to smuggle booze in and it was pretty neat. Brandon then gave us the low down on his dad getting weed smuggled to him in an old folks home by a great friend named Stanley.

But when we talked about smuggling stuff ourselves, Kate was quick to point out we had the perfect hiding spots. And it was right under our noses/tummies.

The Yak was a big time throwback today which had no working video for the first 15-20 minutes. We then rebooted and got things corrected. Check out the full shows (with an S!) here: