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Rone May Have To Go To Iran

On Monday's Yak, we drew teams for our World Cup Extravaganza. The rules were simple, we would each chip in a modest buy in and Big Cat would go way over the top to give the person who drew the World Cup Winner a big prize. There would of course be consequences. 

- Every Yak member got three teams chosen at random by the wheel (we eliminated the two biggest long shots to make everything even)

- Whoever had the least amount of goals scored in their own group of 3 (by Yak host) would have to fly to one of those countries by Memorial Day 2023

- Whoever had the most goals scored throughout the tournament got to assign a punishment to the Yak member with the 2nd lowest goals scored

And all teams were decided by the wheel. 

With Zah being the only major soccer nut, we didn't only had his insights to rely on. But who do you think has the best group?


We did do a wheel spin for the country we'd have to go to if our trio scored the least amount of goals. Rone's didn't shake out too well…

Tune in to the full Yak to watch it all go down and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.