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We've Encountered The Greatest Gic Of All-Time

We had a fun Yak today. We made jokes about Brandon being too heavy to do the trampoline, discussed new twists to the reinvented wheel, and much more. But everything changed when we met Oz the Mentalist. I had become aware of him from an Adam Schefter tweet that blew my mind.

This video had me in awe. I watched it several times. I was amazed each time. I loved watching everyone's reactions and the tricks - THE TRICKS! So when I the guys said he was here in the office today I was giddy with excitement. We luckily got the ok for him to come in and do a trick and he DID NOT disappoint.

I was particularly amazed and even got got thinking there were more than two tricks.

Check out the unforgettable show here and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.

If you want to see more of Oz The Mentalist tricks, check out Macrodosing and BFFs coming out this week!