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Brandon Walker Is Going To Attempt To Dunk Off A Trampoline At The Barstool Invitational

We got to talking about The Barstool Invitational today which is on Friday, November 11th at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. It's sponsored by Pizza Hut and ticket are on sale here.

The matchups are UAB vs. Toledo followed by Brandon Walker's personal favorite, Mississippi State vs. Akron. 

Yak basketball will happen at halftime of the first game, but there is a chance it'll extend into the second game if we don't finish in our alotted time. In sorting out the logistics, Sas then brought up dunking off trampolines as a potential other thing we could do. Brandon seemed VERY confident that he could pull that off in a few weeks. Not only that, that it wouldn't even be very hard.

Do you think Brandon could do it? The crowd was pretty split. 

For the record, I do think Brandon can do it. People forget Brandon was nearly a professional Slamball player. A job description that is literally dunking using a trampoline. Not only do I think Brandon can do it, I think most of us can. And maybe someone will have to try...


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