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Skinny Fat Is Not A Real Thing

We have a calendar shoot for The Yak tomorrow and Sas was chosen by the wheel to pose nude. He has talked about not wanting to do it do Big Cat did the noble thing and stepped in to take that costume. But then Sas brought up that he was uncomfortable with his body because he is skinny fat and that got to Big Cat a bit.

I understand the frustration. It's almost appropriating culture because if you're a 5'11/6'0 male and are under 200 lbs., you are not fat. Not in any type of world. You are not skinny fat or classically fat. Dad bods are not a real thing, they are a grand illusion of something nobody wants. 

It brought Big Cat back to a time where he tried to get really jacked by doing a bunch of supplements from GNC. That didn't go well at all...

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