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Francis Did What Nate Diaz Did For A Whole Night And It Was One Of The Best Nights Of His Life

Today was a smaller crew with a bunch of people traveling, but it was still a high quality show. We had Francis on and he told us about a country club he belongs to that a bunch of other stand ups caddie at. What a wild scene that must be for him!

He actually used to tutor and we thought we'd have the chops to make it into a fancy New York private high school. It turns out, it's a lot harder than you'd think.

But the highlight of the show was Francis' incredible story about hanging out with Nate Diaz for a night. His goal was simple: to do everything Nate did as far as drinking, smoking etc. What a wild night that must've been.

Credit to Francis for actually crushing the next day. You can watch the whole show here and be sure to be using promo code: KATE for all those new Yak paperweights that are sure to go soon.