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The Yak Talks Getting Bullied And Then We Make Someone Get Acrylic Nails

The Yak started off a a nice bonding session. We all know Nick got his pants pooped in once by another boy, but we talked about our insecurities growing up and it grew us even closer.

We then narrowed down the ages of when kids can be the meanest.


But the wheel fell on a punishment to be determined by Big Cat and myself. We had a couple ideas, but someone in the chat had an even better one. One of us would be getting acrylic nails for a week!

Typically, the choosers of the punishment would be immune from the wheel, but Big Cat decided to throw himself back on in good spirits. At this point, I'm a team player and elected to join. Boy was that nearly a giant mistake. I was in the final three! But luckily, the wheel took mercy on me, the father of two young children. Unfortunately, our guy Rone was selected for the second major punishment he'll do in a one month time period.

It was a an exciting and emotional show. Be sure to check it out here and please subscribe to our YouTube channel: