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I Am The Smartest Guy In The Room...Again


I understand I am an easy target sometimes. Especially when I get cocky and things don't work out as I'd hoped.

But one of the finalists in Surviving Barstool, Jackie Nichols got gifted a cool $10k from her guys KFC & Feits as she is a producer on KFC Radio and they were very proud of her performance.

Big Cat decided to do something similar, but let the wheel decide my reward.

Well that vision came to life today.

We started spinning and went 'Deal or No Deal' style and made some modifications along the way.

Things initially looked pretty bleak after a few spins.

Things weren't looking great, but I relied on my Surviving Barstool tactics and decided to cut a deal.

Then my luck started to change…

And it kept getting better.

All until I was $12k richer.

Catch the full episode here and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.