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Breaking Down A Potential Caroline vs. Tiko Texas Rough N Rowdy Match

Things got testy off the jump on Surviving Barstool and after episode 2 dropped last night Tiko Texas challenged Jackie Nichols to a Rough N Rowdy match.

Cut to today's Yak and fellow Surviving Barstool cast member Caroline just brought up that she is down to step into the ring vs. Tiko.

That was seemingly out of nowhere. They did have words after Caroline joked about the conclusion of episode 1 on social media. Was that the wick in this stick of dynamite? Later in the show, Caroline doubled down.

Having spent some time with both potential competitors I'm not sure who would have the advantage. Caroline definitely has the size/reach advantage which Alex Bennett proved is lethal. Caroline is also an athlete, having played basketball growing up and appears in good cardio shape. 

But also I've seen Tiko flex her bicep and while she is skinny, she is JACKED. As long as Tiko is able to get inside, she definitely possesses knockout power. But can she get inside? Caroline has probably three plus inches on her and the wingspan of a condor, so it's a real toss up. Time will tell if we're ever able to see this matchup, but be sure to check out the full Yak from today here.