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There May Be A New King Of The South After Mintzy Pissed Off El Presidente

An absolute bombshell got dropped right before The Yak went on air today.

Mintzy found out as Picks Central ended and went into a tweeting tailspin.


It all stemmed from this clip with Alex Stein saying that his friend that worked at Barstool, Ben Mintz, called him yesterday and gave him some off-the-record notes he'd prefer to not say. The fact that a call was even placed was enough to set HQ ablaze. Mintzy tried to set the record straight that he was defending Dave and Barstool the whole call.

Meanwhile, Brandon Walker was all too giddy to put on the crown as the new "King of the South"

Mintzy was out walking the streets, trying to clear his head, but decided to come in studio to defend himself.

Dave was en route to Barstool HQ to tape Pick Em', so we decided to stick around until he showed to get his thoughts in person. 

But in an all-time plot twist, this is kind of all Gaz's fault.


Watch the full Yak here and be sure to subscribe to the Barstool Yak YouTube channel.