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KB's Wild Presented By Big Cat Was A Rollercoaster Of Emotion With A Dash Of Lantern Bug

Today was KB's Wild presented by Big Cat with Zah playing automatic QB after KB's Wild presented by Nick was such a hit. 

Big Cat collaborated with Nick to come up with a series of challenges for Zah to potentially win a set of custom fit golf clubs, which would be a perfect gift for a man of his stature that travels often for the Barstool Classic golf tournament.

It started with identifying animal noises and classifying them as alive or extinct.

We also had some arsenal trivia for Arsenal fan, Zah.

A lantern bug was then integrated into the show.

But things, probably expectedly, went horribly wrong.

Soon after, we had to guess how many Skittles were in a cup. Poor Nicky was the farthest off, so he either had to double Ritz OR try and eat the amount of Skittles (300) in 5 minutes. He tried to eat the Skittles.

It was harder than expected.

Much harder…

Little known fact, Zah is actually afraid of roller coasters. So the guys cooked up him going on a roller coaster today with VR goggles on while having to attempt to build a tower jenga style. It was actually going pretty good until KB decided to throw a wrinkle in…

Zah then tried to do another Rube Goldberg and while he was successful again, he mixed up the terminology.

We then had to run back the Zah listening to food being chewed and guessing what it was, but also added a finger licking twist on top of it.

And the show concluded with a scavenger hunt. The final clue was being held by the office's biggest twerker…

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