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Recapping The Barstool Idol Finale - We Have Two New Co-Workers

What a wild night. The plan was to ask the contestants a few lingering questions and then pull the ultimate switcheroo. Bring in the Final Boss, Dave Portnoy to meet the contestants.

Luke was definitely rattled.

But it wasn't just Luke…

And John Rich may have been a Dave troll at one point? But we do have a very successful track record of those at this company. 

Caroline complimenting the boss man's height was a good strategy.

Watching this from the green room, we were pretty split on John and Caroline. But when the whole Yak went back out to the stage, we decided to talk it over as a group with Dave.

John, a cult hero as he had been born from The Yak. He was originally the one that came up with Yak Jeopardy. So everyone was genuinely excited to see him get a job. Telling him was a treat.

The final vote with the remaining three was very close. And the winner is…

Congrats Caroline (and John)! You start tomorrow! She's hosting The Yak and John Rich will join along with a bunch of Yak members. Watch the full episode here:

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