Barstool Sports Unveils First Ever True Crime Podcast with Kirk Minihane's "The Case"

On the night of November 14, 1989, 16-year-old Jennifer Fay snuck out of her house to go to a party in Brockton, Massachusetts.

She was never seen again.

More than three decades later, Barstool Sports' Kirk Minihane began investigating Jennifer’s disappearance as part of Barstool's first ever foray into the massive genre of true crime.

The Case: Season One doesn't launch until April 5, but the trailer released today offers a glimpse into the darkly confounding rabbit hole Minihane fell down as he scoured public records and news reports, travelled from Brockton to South Carolina and back again, and questioned anyone who might help him answer the question: What happened to Jennifer Fay? 

Finding answers meant unearthing long held secrets, sifting through timeworn memories, and confronting barbarous acts of inhumanity and violence.