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Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone denied Monday that he is using taxpayer funds or campaign accounts to pay for his civil lawsuit against Kirk Minihane and Barstool Sports.

“No, I think anytime someone use (sic) hateful rhetoric of any type against any person, uh, whether it’s based on their gender or as a platform to facilitate that type of language we all have a responsibility individually to stand up for it,” Curtatone told Kirk Minihane Show roving correspondent Mark Moroso, Jr.

Asked about Minihane specifically, Curtatone claimed he has “no opinion” about the controversial on-air talent he is suing.

Curtatone’s lawsuit stems from an interview the Mayor gave Minihane permission to record, although he was under the mistaken impression that Minihane was Boston Globe fiction writer Kevin Cullen.

Asked by Moroso about rumors taxpayer dollars or campaign accounts are being used to finance the ridiculous, ego-driven lawsuit, Curtatone said there is no truth to the allegations.

“None whatsoever,” he said.

The Kirk Minihane Show has filed a request for all public records concerning the Somerville Mayor’s lawsuit against Minihane and Barstool, including any financial records that might show public resources or campaign funds being used to pay Curtatone’s attorney Lenny Kesten.

“I can confirm that Mayor Curtatone hired me privately to handle this suit,” said Kesten. “No taxpayer money involved.”

Kesten said his fees will be paid by Barstool and Minihane.

Somerville city officials have yet to respond to the public records request filed by Barstool Sports.

Video Credit: Mark Moroso, Jr.
Videographer: Mark Moroso, Jr.
Interviewer: Mark Moroso, Jr.