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Kirk Minihane AKA "Kevin Cullen from The Boston Globe" Interviews Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone auditioned this week for Captain of the No Fun Police. This nobody hack politician thought he’d score himself some praise from the Boston Globe by attacking Barstool Sports after El Pres courageously stood with the Boston Bruins. This punk pol said El Pres is running a cult and called Barstool a “roving band of miscreants.”

Now, like most craven politicians, Curtatone refused an interview with Kirk Minihane. He’d rather talk with spaghetti spine stenographers who will simply regurgitate his PC pablum. But when Minihane called and said he was from The Boston Globe… they dropped everything and scheduled an interview.

Right on time, the good mayor called “Kevin Cullen” from the Boston Globe and gave us a 20 minute interview. You’ll notice that despite Miniha- I mean Kevin Cullen’s dogged questioning, Curtatone never once identifies a specific complaint against Barstool.

Those of you familiar with Kevin Cullen, and Minihane’s work thoroughly discrediting this infamous fabulist, will rightly recognize this interview as the most significant and courageous act of Cullen’s journalistic career.