Minihane to El Pres: When Curtatone sued "you got your ass on a plane to Europe... like Roman Polanski"

Kirk Minihane, host of Barstool Sports’ newest podcast The Kirk Minihane Show, joined El Pres Friday for what may be his last appearance on Barstool Radio before he’s arrested and jailed for recording an interview with Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone.

Following a tumultuous first week in which he was sued by Curtatone, blocked from entering Somerville City Hall, and very nearly assassinated by a demented stalker, Minihane spoke honestly about his fate and his feelings about Barstool.

“I think it’s: 75% chance that this goes to trial, 50% chance we lose the civil case, 20% chance it goes criminal, and like a 12% chance I got to jail at the end of it,” said Minihane.

“That would be unbelievable,” said El Pres, salivating at the potential content. “That would be the first of it’s kind… a podcast from jail.”

El Pres insisted that while he and Barstool are completely protected from any repercussions from the recording they vigorously enjoyed and profited from, he is uncertain of Minihane’s fate.

“I am personally not that concerned about it,” said Minihane.

“I am more disappointed in Barstool, frankly,” he said, pointing to Barstool’s failure to respond to Curtatone with a countersuit.

According to Minihane, the brief lawsuit filed by Mayor Idiot contains a number of false and potentially defamatory statements about Barstool and El Pres.

“I’m very disappointed in Dave Portnoy,” he said. “All I know is… You got your ass on a plane to Europe when things got hot like Roman Polanski himself.”

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