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MJF, Wrestling's Hottest Young Star, Thinks He's Better Than Me

Note: Even if you don't like wrestling, watch this video. You will enjoy the shit out of it. That is a B Walk guarantee.

MJF thinks he's better than me. He's right, but it still hurts.

Just three months into my podcast about Rasslin', I was able to sit down with a few of the top performers in the world this week to talk about the sport. One of those performers, Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF), happens to be a 24-year-old prodigy who is quickly becoming one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world.

He is also a complete gentleman who:
  • Called me inbred twice
  • Slammed my head on the table
  • Accused me of being a moron
  • Said I don't know who my real dad is
He's right about all of that once again but that's beside the point. This Sunday, MJF and Chris Jericho will be in one of the headliner matches at AEW Revolution, available on PPV. Revolution will be one hell of an event, as last year it was probably the best show on the wrestling calendar.

Ahead of MJF and Jericho's tag team championship match with the Young Bucks, MJF sat down with me to graciously give a 20-minute interview where he shared his thoughts on my sexual habits, my wife, my mother, Cody Rhodes, AEW president Tony Khan and Dave Portnoy. On Portnoy, MJF says "I don't know who that is but if he hangs out with you, he must be a redneck."

The video is available above but if you want to watch on YouTube, go here: